Sunday 1 May 2022

April WIPocalypse

 Another month, another WIPocalypse update! The question for April was What is your favorite store (either online or brick and mortar) to purchase your supplies? Lately, I've been trying to buy from German stores as much as possible (partly because Brexit made buying from the UK really inconvenient, partly because I want to support them so we don't lose the last stores there are in the country). My favourite at the moment store is Stickstoff, they got great customer service and quick turnaround times. I also order from Stickteufelchen sometimes, they have a bigger selection, but shipping is a little more expensive. There are a couple more, but these are probably my favourites right now! Now if only I could find some great EU-based dyers...all my favourite ones are in the UK!

As for stitching, I continued working on The Loneliness of Autumn, my long term SAL with Rachel. I worked on it again every day in April, for at least one length a day, but I also caught up on some of the backlog I still have from January and February. In total, I added 2238 stitches, finishing the 400...and making a start on 3826, yet another reddish-brown colour! 994 stitches of that left to go, so there will be a new colour again in May. Maybe that will be more exciting? So far, I finished the 3826 on the first two rows of pages:

Current total: 59,834/118800 stitches, 50.37%! Yes that's right, I am officially past the half way point. Wanna know how long that took me? Two years and 4 months...or 345 hours of stitching. Whew! Wanna bet if I can finish it below 700?!


Pamela said...

I love your autumn project! Great progress.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Woohoo, over half way there! I wonder if it gets easier now as it's more obvious where to put the stitches, or harder because you have to search more for them and carry threads more!

Rachel said...

TLOA looks fantastic, and with all those dark colours there's a real depth to the design, almost like a 3D effect. I'm so hoping you'll reach the brighter colours soon though.
I feel very ashamed reading this that I haven't stitched on mine since 31st March. But... I always catch up and have the whole of August with no work, so maybe, just maybe... :)