Friday 28 June 2024

June GIfted Gorgeousness

Once again I am super behind with blogging, both reading and posting and hitting my goals anyways. I know what it is with me this year, but I am still around and eventually I'll get all these posts up and read...probably!

So here is my June checkin for Gifted Gorgeousness, Jo's SAL for all things gifted and giftee.

Last month, I worked some more on the Spice of Life blanket - at this point I don't think I can get it done in time for our nibbling's birth in August, but every row counts!

I also made another Amigurumi - the pokémon Corsola, for my best friend's birthday. She bought an official plush a while back but it was stolen at the post office, and then she was so sad she couldn't get another one, so I made her one instead - these tiny pieces on the spikes were a pain to make, but I'm really happy with the result!

Monday 17 June 2024

June Fully Finished Gallery

Despite having my sewing done really early this month, I'm posting pretty late...this time it was stuffing the little pillows that had to wait until the very last moment. Maybe I'm just a lost cause! But I did do some finishing this month, so maybe the timing isn't all that important.

First, I finished two more of my Little Sheep Virtues pillows - Peace, which you've seen as a failed finish before, and Faith, a much more recent finish. Since I accepted them all being a little different, I'm really having fun with these!

The other finish is one I believe I have not showed you since I finished stitching, I believe - it's my Meadow Tablecloth, that I used for the last couple WIPocalypse one-a-day challenges, and previously my oldest WIP. I finally finished the stitching earlier this year and, since the stitching as the sparse and the stitches so big, didn't quite trust the backside - so I covered it in very thin iron-on interfacing. Probably won't fall as nicely anymore, but it's a pretty small tablecloth anyway so not the kind you'd have hanging down on all sides of the table - and my stitching is safe now!

I think that's me caught up for finish-finishing everything I stitched this year, at least...but still plenty to go in my box of shame, so we'll see what I can whip up next month!

Wednesday 12 June 2024

May WIPocalypse

Another really late WIPocalypse checkin, and another one I don't have much to talk about, as well - my stitching bug has returned, but was almost fully occupied with the Book of Fungi SAL in May. I do have grand plans to return to regularly scheduled stitching, that is, The Loneliness of Autumn, now in June, though; if not for a full 10 hours, then at least for a couple hundred stitches.

I will also not be taking part in the one-a-day challenge for this month; I usuall really enjoy these but, again, does not fit in will with all my SAL stitching currently. I am hoping that by the next challenge in October I will be back to regular business enough to pick up my last tablecloth for this challenge, though!

So the only thing that remains to talk about today is the question - How do you personally distinguish between a Work in Progress (WIP) and an Unfinished Object (UFO)? The simple answer would be, I don't, or rather, I can't. All my projects are WIPs, as I intend to go back and finish them eventually. If I actually want to 'be done' with an unfinished project and find closure, I need to give it away, frog, or trash it.
Currently I got only one project that is steering into UFO territory, it's a SAL that never had all parts released and at this point it is unsure whether they ever will be - although I'm still in contact with the designer, so not giving up hope just yet!

Last time I worked on it was in 2021 and this is how it currently looks:

Sunday 9 June 2024

May Smalls

First weekend of the month and time for the May Smalls post...what do you mean it's supposed to be last Friday, not first Sunday? Shhh, no one noticed! 

So as you (glares at unspecified reader) helpfully pointed out, I'm a little late, but I did stitch up SImplicity, the 6th one of the Little Sheep Virtue series! I am now halfway done and starting unto the second piece of fabric I set aside for this series.

Simplicity was a rather quick stitch - apart from the border, there's not a lot of dense stitching going on, but it was fun and between the birdhouse, the flowers and the little bees, is very cute!

Tuesday 4 June 2024


Look. I know I seem to be caught in a perpetual game of trying to get caught up on stuff, but maybe I find it *fun* to do so...have you ever thought about that?! Well, I kind of do and I kind of don't, but that's not what I am here to talk about today - I want to tell you about my WIPGO progress, before I get stuck in this months's projects! Hopefully. Anyways!

In May, we had three numbers called (one of which being the free field), and I actually hit two of my goals, and while that still means I am behind by two, I kind of made up for that in other ways - and I got my stitchy bug back! But first things first, I did work on Guardian of Wayfarers for 10 hours, added 1775 stitches and brought it up to 71%. I'm still positive I might be able to finish it this year!

As you can see I am actually almost finished with the dragon itself, so I think I might do some more backstitching soon. Will see!

The other goal I managed was the new start...and I did a little bit more than 10 hours on that one. The first three parts of the Book of Fungi SAL dropped in May, and I stitched them all, for a total of 6568 stitches. Yes, I was slightly obessed with this, and that's what brought my stitchy bug back, so I spent about 38 hours on it, but here is the completed book cover:

Isn't the little froggy on the back just the cutest?! The first of the actual pages will drop this week, and I'm very excited for it! I will try and stay caught up on this, even if it means falling further behind on WIPGO and other goals.

For June, the numbers pulled were another slot for GoW, and also Red Velvet Cake. This is a project I've been lookng forward to a lot - a pattern by Glendon Place that I got as a gift from my grandparents several years ago, along with the silks and a really nice fabric from Polstitches. I have no idea why I only put in a tiny start and then never touched it must be 8 years or so now!

So my board currently looks like this - as you can see we only need 17 or 7 now for a BINGO on the diagonal, but of course we're all aiming to get the whole thing filled in! Even if it might take me a bit longer than December, I won't be mad if I can also get an additional finish or two on the way.