Finishes: 2014

Pop Heart - Amigurumi

Toby the Fox - Bookmark

Emergency Bookmark
Cavy with Carrot
Larky Lucky
The Little Mermaid
Kindle Cover #2
Mitten the First
Knotwork Bookmark
Spring Bunnies
Owl Tote
Pusheen Apron
PoC Shirt
Little Sheep


  1. You have completed quite a few projects this year! I love the bookmark with those lovely greens and oranges as well :D

    1. It's mostly really small ones, but still...hopefully I will be able to add quite some more before the year is out ^_^

  2. I love the Little Mermaid! By far my favorite Disney movie. I hope to add the full size kit to my stash soon! :-)

  3. How did you get the "finish" picture in this page this way? It's lovely and organized!