Saturday 23 April 2022

Stitching Stats, Q1

I've been meaning to blog this since the beginning of the month, but there was always something more urgent to take care of first, so it took a while. You might remember that back in 2020 I did monthly crafty statistics, and I quite enjoyed them, but felt like it got a little boring and repetitive after a while. So for this year, I decided to do them by quarter instead! I've also been keeping track of stitch counts on top of hours, so maybe that'll be fun as well. 

So, the first three months of 2022 were pretty busy for me - I was finishing up my job at university, there was lots to do around the house (and grandma's), some family health drama and then there was all of us catching covid in March (but at least that one was good for my crafting times, being stuck at home for ten days!). 

I did 251 hours of crafting total over three months, split over 22 projects. 10 of these have been finished too! As you can see, the biggest chunks of the first quarter were Fans of the Far East and the Ubuntu blanket. Both of these are done now, so there will be different projects in the pole positions for Q2! You can also see that I missed about a month on TLoA (at a bit over 10 hours a month that I usually do), but I'm getting caught up slowly. Finally, for the Deluxe blanket, I finished most of it in December and then took a couple weeks to get around to weaving in the ends!


And here it is by tags:

As usual, the biggest chunk went into stitching, but I did a fair bit of crochet too. Knitting and Beading where just one project each, the baby surprise jacket and the beaded clip, respectively.

On top of taking my stitching times, I've also been using a spreadsheet (designed by my friend Moirae) to track the stitches I did on every project. Here is the overview over the first three months of that:

Not sure what happened in February there, but you can clearly see the extra time I got being off work sick in March! The spreadsheet also tracks how many stitches I did on each project, but I forgot to get a screenshot of that at the end of April. What I can tell you is that here, as well, Fans of the Far East is in the lead, with 5385 stitches done this year (that's a bit over 20% of my Q1 stitches), but as it is finished I think it will soon be dethroned.

As a nice side effect, tracking my daily stitches allows me to track that I did, in fact, stitch every day of the year so far! Probably for a lot longer too, but I have no way to check for 2021, so I'll be counting ma streak from 1/1/22. A fun new thing to track...I love my statistics and hope you found them entertaining, as well :)


diamondc said...

Leonore: You have been busy, I wish I would keep track but seem to forget to write down how many stitches' I do plus I have been sewing for Church's.
Have a lovely week


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I do enjoy a good statistic too! My stitching streak dates to at least 1st January 2011, possibly earlier. My younger son was born early 2009 so I missed a good few days then!

Rachel said...

I love spreadsheets and statistics! Mine are quite sorry reading at the moment, so it's nice to see someone else being very successful. Just a couple of hundred stitches per day soon adds up. :)