Tuesday, 2 June 2020

May WIPocalypse

While I still have a couple of posts to write (and stuff to finish to begin with!) I want to try and make my SAL checkins as they come and not fall behind on those too! Everything else will be done in time. So now, only one or two days late (as I started writing this on Monday, but need to go out soon so it might be Tuesday before it goes up).

The question of the month is: Tell us about a piece that you absolutely loved stitching. And I'm sorry I have to dig her out yet again, but the first thing that comes to mind would be Lady Justice. 123 hours, more than half of them stitching seas of green, and I never once got bored and enjoyed every minute of her. I think she had just enough 'going on' to not feel like stitching blocks of colour, the shading turned out so lovely, and the fabric was a dream to work on, too!

Now onwards to my usual WIPocalypse project, which is The Loneliness of Autumn. I'm SALing this with Rachel the TenHourStitcher, but she's been hitting a rough patch lately and hasn't had much time to stitch, so I'm a little ahead right now. At a total of 66:08h I finished a couple more pages of 939 this month, but I've been jumping around the bottom left quadrant a bit so I lost count:

Again I hit several milestones this month: I am at 11.983 stitches now, so more than 10k done and less than 5k (4687) to go with this colour. I also hit 10.09%! I think I'll probably finish with this colour in July, so I should order the next one soon. Don't get to excited: it's a dark brown...

I did a fair bit of knitting and crochet this month, and I'm not really sure how best to work it into my other posts, so I decided it fits nicely with WIPocalypse, so bear with me for a little longer and two more pictures. First, I spent some more time working on my long term knitting project, Viajante, lovingly dubbed the 'purple monster'. Almost a mile of yarn and God knows how many hours (I clocked 56 in my app but by the time I started taking time, I had already been working on this for a couple of years) and finally it's done!

I got it all blocked and finished and it really is GIGANTIC. More than three meters end to end and almost one across! It's also a really long tube, so I can wear it not only like a scarf or shawl, but also like a kinf of poncho/cape:

It's so nice and soft too, I absolutely love it. The yarn is a little expensive (almost 50€ a skein) but at the quality and mileage (the whole mile of yarn was that one skein) I have nothing to complain and will likely get another one some time.

After finishing this (my third big finish for the year...but who's counting? Oh right, I am!) I had a small start, a little ducky for a friend of Felix who gave birth to her first child a while ago. Its feet double as teething rings, I so loved the idea and I'm pleased with how it turned out!

Currently I'm working on finishing another (but much smaller) longterm WIP and then I have three more baby gifts to make for now, so there is more knitting and crochet in the cards for June!


diamondc said...

Leonore: Your scarf is lovely, the yarn looks so yummy, it does look soft.
That duck is adorable.
You have put in lots of stitch's this month.
Have a great week.


Rachel said...

Congrats on finishing your purple monster, and on hitting 10,000 stitches on TLOA; that's quite a milestone considering all the other projects you've been working on. And the little duck is so cute; it's a shame in some ways the feet might get nibbled, but then that's what it's for! :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great progress on your WIPocalypse project. The shawl looks amazing too. A mile of yarn sounds like such a lot!
I chose a Mira for my most enjoyable project too. There's just something wonderful about Nora's designs, not just the finished picture but the way she designs the stitching journey.

Bethan said...

Really great progress. I love your frame choice for Lady Justice! Such a cute little duck too x

Astrids dragon said...

Lady Justice is a beautiful piece, no wonder you loved stitching her.
Nice progress and yay for getting ready to order a new colour!
Your shawl looks beautiful and the lucky ducky is adorable.