Friday, 17 April 2020

April Fully Finished Gallery

Again I'm a few days late for this SAL hosted by Rachel, the TenHourStitcher, who has us working on that box of shame and fully finish things! I have a standing agreement with her to finish at least two things per month, and this month I'm easily meeting my quota. I have five fully finishes for you, and while you have seen three of them already, two are brand new!

So, chronologically, first was the March bookmark. This time, it wasn't quite as interesting as the January and February ones, but I think it was still quite clever - stitched on a piece of aida band, folded to a point, then front and bag sewn together by a triple running stitch on each side:

Next there were these two fobs that I showed you for the Easter Blog hop. Both are stitched back and front, finished with a beaded edge - I used leftovers from a couple of Mill Hill kits, and used to opportunity to finally sort through a couple of leftovers and properly integrate them into my stash - and a long cord to attach them to my scissors.

I also finished the first and second Mini Mystery SAL, by sandwiching them together as a biscornu and adding some candy coloured beads from a set a friend bought for me. They aren't quite as regularly shaped as Mill Hill beads, but then they were only about 2€ for a huge box, so I'm not complaining - and they work well for edges! It's stuffed with some of the leftover threads I sorted out from these kits before.

And last but not least - I ordered a frame for Lady Justice, and Felix framed her for me :) Now she's only waiting for my mum to turn 60 and stop by!


Pamela said...

Great finishes! Your mother will love your gift!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely finishing work. I really like the little biscornu that you made.
Great framing from Felix too, very speedy!

Mini said...

Lovely finishes. I love using stuff from stash like the beads and left over threads.
Hope you are safe.

Carol said...

Oh, you got her framed already--how wonderful! She really looks lovely and your mom will adore her :) Great job on finishing so many things up in March, Leonore! Take good care now ♥

Rachel said...

Great finishes for the FFG SAL this month - thank you for joining in again. LJ looks fantastic and has been well worth all the effort. Even if you couldn't hand her over to your mum in person you must be super delighted to have finished her in plenty of time. :)

Astrids dragon said...

Fabulous finishes, the non Mill Hill beads look great!
Your Lady Justice is so beautiful and Felix did a wonderful job framing her. A perfect joint effort, I'm sure you're Mum will love it!