Wednesday 10 January 2024

The People Chose: Designers for 2024

Hello and welcome to the (sadly) last installment of Jo's wonderfully versatile all-purpose SAL - but I can understand she's putting this one on pause for now, it's been going for a long time and she's put a lot of work into it! This months topic is actually kind of a repeat, or let's call it a tradition, as it's been the January-theme for quite some years now - Designers for 2024! (well obviously, it's been the respectie year each know what I mean.)

At this point I want to take a quick moment to link back to my 2023 designer post and the grand full coverage goals I set myself back then...let's just say, those goals went out the window pretty fast. At least I put some stitches into all three designs mentioned here, and made progress on Possibilities and The Loneliness of Autumn, so the only one of these 'true' full coverage pieces I didn't touch was Dark Forces. That's something, I guess!

This year, I will be setting my eyes on much smaller Designer for 2024 is Little House Needleworks! So far, I have stitched two designs by this designer, both from their Little Sheep Virtue series:

And with any luck, by the end of the year there will be twelve, as I stitch up the remaining motifs in the series! 

LHN has been a staple for cross stitchers for many years, and they have tons of cute, easy to stitch designs. They often do series of charts and who can resist a good series? I have no immediate plans to stitch another one, but let's just say I'm also not looking too closely until my sheep are all stitched up...


Pamela said...

Both of these are very cute! I like the idea of small pieces and sets that go together!

Rachel said...

The sheep are very cute and, you're right, who doesn't love a series! Good luck with stitching them all up this year.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in The People's Choice this month. I'm thinking of keeping the January post just for fun!
I do like LHN but haven't committed to a series from them!

Toki said...

I just started stitching so I didn't know what kind of designers there are.
That's why I'm so jealous that I have a favorite designer. If I keep going, will I be able to meet my favorite designer?