Saturday 7 January 2023

The People Chose: Designers for 2023

So the new year is officially one week old...would you believe me I still have no idea what I'm doing? In fact, I keep making and remaking plans every day. Probably, I'll end up just doing another low-key year, trying to finish some WIPs and not starting too many new ones! However, this state of mind also means I feel a little lost when it comes to all the wonderful SAL kickoffs that are happening at the moment. One of them being the first installment of Jo's 'The People's Choice' SAL, which, in tradition with last year, has the theme of 'Designers for 2023'.

Well, as luck would have it, there is one goal I have made my mind up about - I while back, I made the mistake of guesstimating how much time all my WIPs would take me to finish, and to no one's surprise, I didn't like the result! Let's just say it is about one year of stitching time...24/7! And also to no one's surprise, a big part of that are my BAPs. Truth is I love starting these, but I'm not good at actually working on them, and this year I want to change that at least a little. My idea is to do one page on one of my big full coverage projects for every finish (smalls possibly excluded) that I have. Might not be super strict about it, but I'll try! And of the six projects that fall into this category, three are by one of my favourite designers, Jody Ellis from UnconventionalXStich, so I guess she'll be my designer for the year! 

The three WIPs are

The Puppeteer (55.87% done)

Kitsune (paper pattern, about 7% done?)

Sacrifice (1.91% done)

So if I *were* to set some kind of goal I'd say at least a page finish on each of them, and a row finish on The Puppeteer (I've done all the black on that one already, so most of the pages are filling in fast). More if possible, but we will see how that goes!


Pamela said...

Kitsune looks like an interesting one!

Rachel said...

Those are three very different projects! I have one BAP from this designer (OMG Tigger Is Out) but doubt it will see the light of day again! Good luck with your goals.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in The People’s Choice this month. Those really are enormous BAPs, there’s needs to be a category above BAP for them LOL
But it’s encouraging to see how much of the Puppeteer you have stitched.