Donnerstag, 25. August 2016

Mad Summer Finish Dash - Day 22

Now the weekend is behind us, and we have arrived on monday. Monday was kind of a strange day - I had a doctos appointment in the morning, then work was all presentations and organisation stuff, and I don't know exactly why but in the evening, I didn't get a whole lot done either. In fact, I only got about half a band on the Strawberries Sampler done - this one uses double cross stitches, and somehow they are giving me a hard time; I had to frog quite a bit but still the band shouldn't take to much longer.

At least all these presentations were good for something as well, and I got to start another pair of socks! These are for Felix' dad, he asked for a more muted, greenish colour, so I bought some just for him that I think he will like. To make things a bit less boring while knitting, I'm not doing these plain, but in a bit of a pattern, that will probably show up better once I got a bit more done (these first 20 rows or so include only a bit less then half a repeat).


  1. Und wieder machtbös ehr viel Spaß, diesen Band Sampler wachsen zu sehen. Ich habe ja eine Schwäche für Band Sampler und sticke sie sehr gerne - zum Teil auch, weil mit jedem Band wieder ein dezidiertes Stück dazu kommt. Bei mir ist im Moment ein Autumn Band Sampler von Elizabeth Designs in Arbeit. Macht viel Spaß.
    Viel Spaß auch beim Socken stricken.

  2. Sorry for the frog visiting! At least you've got half a row done.