Dienstag, 2. August 2016

Mad Summer Finish Dash - Day 2

The second update of my MSFD is quite a bit smaller, since now it was really only a day, not a whole weekend to work on stuff - also, we got home a bit late yesterday, and I had more stuff to do today. Still, I managed a bit more of the dark green backstitch on the grandchildren project, and I just started planning the personalization, so that will start soon as well.

Yesterday was also the start of the second page of the Fire and Ember SAL. I won't have time to actually focus on this until later this month; but I still stitched one thread to have a symbolic start on page 2:


  1. The backstitch on your trellis looks lovely, really brings out the design.
    And a length of thread each day will see progress too. Slow and steady does it!

  2. Both are looking great! :) The backstitching detail on the grandkids project really makes it pop.