Mittwoch, 24. August 2016

Mad Summer Finish Dash - Day 21

Sunday felt like a lot of stitching getting done, but then the pictures don't look like *that* much....I'm still content, though.

On the Strawberries-sampler, I added the title - some really fun one over one stitching, so tiny! and another 'pulled' band with pearl thread.

 Then on the Halloween Sampler, I finished the moon and a few stars and two bats and started the roof of the left most building. This one really felt like I made some progress - but then, according to our plan, I was already supposed to start the second part! I'm not convinced this will actually be done before Halloween, but I am not too concerned as it still is a lot of fun to stitch, no matter the season.


  1. The tiny stitching is just perfect and the bats look great too.

  2. Excellent progress on both! I think you'll be able to finish on the Halloween sampler, you're stitching along very quickly.

  3. Auch das Halloween Teil hat Zuwachs bekommen. Wer ist der Designer?

  4. Lovely progress I love the Halloween piece so far:)