Dienstag, 23. August 2016

Mad Summer Finish Dash - Day 20

On Saturday, we had a lot of shopping to do and other errands to run, but some stitching still happend. In fact, I think I made some rather nice progress on the Strawberries Sampler - I finished the band from friday, stitched another all-cross stitch band, and started the next one (I did the cross stitch and beads on the left and right of where the word 'Strawberries' will be added).

 I also did some work on the Halloween SAL, finished the roof and started work on the moon. I'm starting to realize how huge this thing really is!


  1. Great progress - I look forward to more of the Halloween SAL :)

  2. Nice work on both! I will admit the size keeps me from joining the SAL.

  3. Lovely work on both pieces. The daily posts mean you can really see the designs grow.