Freitag, 19. August 2016

Mad Summer Finish Dash - Day 17

The last day of the retreat was pretty tiring, and then yesterday we had the trip back, and somehow I ended up two days behind again already - so time for catch ups!

On Wednesday, I managed a few more stitches on the Fire & Ember SAL - this is a nice way to work the colour blocks, a bit each day and I'm not growing tired of it!

Most of the day however I spent crocheting on the granny shawl I started last year. I had a bit less then one ball of yarn left, and also I always thought 'this is going to be the last row I can do for sure', I ended up with almost ten new rows. When I was contemplaiting whether to play yarn chicken on more time (not fun when one row is aboit three metres long!) or just call it quits with a bit of leftover yarn, a friend and collegue suggested I use the remaining yarn to add a few tassles, and the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea! I'm not sure how exactly I'm going to do it (just the corners, or lots of small ones?) but I'm probably going to play with that a bit over the weekend.

So with that settled, I started working on Viajante - they told me I'm crazy to take five projects with me on this trip, but I worked on all but one of them! Sadly I don't much progress to report on this - I started with about 26 rows, but then decided that (once again) I didn't like the way the increments look, so I ripped it all and started again and I'm now up at 30 rows again. But I am determined to knit so fast know that even if I decide I don't like it yet again, I'll be too far in to go back!


  1. Good idea on the granny shawl, I've been there with the yarn, I really like that term "yarn chicken" and will try and remember it. :)

  2. Great work on Fire and Ember, you can really see this one growing.
    I also like the phrase "yarn chicken". I definitely do that with thread, just one more stitch squeezed out of the end of it!

  3. Lovely progress on everything :)