Montag, 22. August 2016

Mad Summer Finish Dash - Day 19

Again I'm a few days behind on my posting...which is a shame as I have so many pretty things to show! A whole weekend of prettyness! So let's start with friday. We had friday off, and we were pretty lazy. A bit of neglected cleaning and laundry, but also a lot of gaming, movie watching, and of course, stitching!

First of all, I was working on the straberries sampler, and finished one and a half new bands. The first one was another 'pulled' stitch, the second one is plain cross stitch again, but I only finished one of two colours so far.

 I also worked on the Halloween SAL for a bit, and finished most of the central tower of the manor, only a bit of roof left to go. This is progressing slowly, but it's a ton of fun as well :)


  1. The Strawberry Sampler is looking lovely. It's nice that the rows are quite short because you make quick progress.