Wednesday 29 November 2023

November Gifted Gorgeousness

Remember when in my last post, I talked about to kinds of people around this time of year? Well, seems I have now crossed from the one group to the other! I'm freezing and sneezing and all that good stuff, but so far I am not quite bedridden enough to stop crafting and blogging, just slowing down a bit. So once again I am here (very late) for my favourite SAL, Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness! Once again, I have two projects to share with you, one gifted to me and one to be gifted. Or actually, it was already gifted - I took the left over yarn from with socks I made last month, and made some new wristwarmers for my grandma. I even tried to incorporate the little braids from the socks but messed up a little on centering them. Gladly, grandma doesn't mind, it's not all tha noticable unless you do a posed picture like below, and I know what to do better next time!

For something that was gifted to me, I did part 2 of the Spirits of Volcano CAL, the kit for which was a gift from my grandparents a couple years ago.

Part 2 used a fun mosaic technique that I had not tried before, but got the hang of after a couple rows and really love the effect of it! I might try something like this again in the future again, maybe even an all mosaic pattern.

Part 3 uses some overlay techniques that I've used before, but it can never hurt to practice some!


Pamela said...

Two gorgeous projects! The wristwarmers are just in time for winter.

jocondine said...

I do love those kind of gloves, like to wear them, yours are lovely, the color of the yarn is perfect for autumn season! xxx

Carol said...

Aww... so sorry to read you're sick, Leonore. I've come down with something, too, and flying with it did a real number on my ears. UGH!! Hope we are both back to normal very soon. Both gifts are lovely. I know your grandma would love absolutely anything that you made her--that's just the way grandmas are :) Happy December ♥

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG in November. I love those gloves and I am sure Grandma did too. The non-centred parts are not even obvious unless you have seen the pattern!

Tiffstitch said...

Great finish on the wrist warmers and that is a really cool stitch pattern!

Toki said...

I feel that the wrist warmer has a beautiful finish that gives you a warm feeling.
Is the mosaic in part 2 knitted?