Saturday 9 December 2023

November WIPocalypse

Anyone else really losing touch with time this late in the year? There is just so much to do and plan (yes, I said there would be no plans for 2024...but I've since fallen down a very deep rabbit hole and not sure yet where I will get out at the other end!) and just not enough time for it, and suddenly you look up and it's a week later! I guess this is my very roundabout way of saying hello, I am once again late for WIPocalypse, but I am here!

The question of the month in November was What is your favorite way to finish ornaments and/or smalls? I think my answer to this has to be - whip stitch, either as a biscornu or a rectangular ornament, with a beaded edge. It's easy, quick, and clean! I'm trying to do more of other types of finishing, but this is what I always get back to in the end, and that's okay.

In November, I kept working on The Loneliness of Autumn, filling in gaps along the first row of pages. I actually finished page 2 quite early in the months, so I kept going and did mots of page 3 too, but didn't quite manage to finish that, so maybe two pages in December? We'll see.

Stitchwise, my progress was pretty modest - these leaves really are full of confetti, so many colours, but I love seeing them all show up now! See those lovely light blues there? I so enjoy it all coming together now!

Anyways, total progress for November was just 1172 stitches, bringing the new total up to 93,763/118,800 stitches done, or 78.93%! Maybe I'll manage to hit 80% before the year is out, that would be another really nice milestone. We'll see, as currently I am still in the middle of some Christmas crafting and hope to get back to this afterwards!


Pamela said...

This is gorgeous!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on Autumn, but does this mean you’re not doing colour by colour any more?

Tiffstitch said...

Love seeing how this is working up. I have the same question as Jo, different method now than colour completion?

Rachel said...

We knew the last 25% was going to be slower because of the confetti, but then that's counterbalanced by the satisfaction of a page finish every so often. I'm still a long way off that, but yours is really beginning to come together now. You're right, those blues are gorgeous!