Monday 30 August 2021

August WIPocalypse

 I know I say this every month, but can you believe summer is almost over?! Looking out of the window, I certainly can, it has been cool and rainy for a couple days now, and while the trees are still green, the whole atmosphere gives off a very 'autumny' vibe. Be that as it may, another month has passed, and it's time to talk about WIPocalypse again! The question of the month is Which of your project finishes made you the most proud? The most relieved? Two projects come to mind with this question. One is Fire and Ember, my red dragon, my first big-ish full coverage finish, but I feel like I've shown him off a lot lately, so I will go with the other one:

The Mermaid by Teresa Wentzler! This one took well over 300 hours and at some point I wasn't sure if I'd ever manage to finish it, yet alone in time for dad's birthday. There's blends, there's over one stitching, there's metallics and beads and specialty stitches (although not a lot of those last three) and of course all that back stitching! Still, I was both relieved and VERY proud to see her done.

Now on to more current stitching, I am still working on TLoA every month, and I am happy to announce that my SAL-partner-in-crime, Rachel, has started working on hers again and will soon be caught up, hopefully.

As for my progress, I started the month at 44465/118800 stitches and 37,43% done. Mid August, I finished my 7th colour, a nice, dark, autumn-y orange, 919:

Colour #8 was equally exciting - 815, a darker red, but compared to the other colours in this design, it really looks nice and bright! There are a total of 2,624 stitches to do in this colour, and I managed almost half of that, all in the upper two rows:

So at just over 1.3k stitches left I am quite confident I'll get to start yet another colour in September, which will be another gold tone. New total is 46,609 stitches done at 39.23%. I think it's fairly certain now I won't be quite reach 50% by the end of the year, as I had hoped, so finishing time is leaning more towards a total of 5 years now, but as long as it's this much fun to stitch, I don't mind much!


jocondine said...

Great progress, I love the way you add a new color and your specific statistics! Mine would certainly be closer to 15 % of frogging due to miscounting. xxx

Pamela said...

I really like both of these. I’m always amazed by how you can keep track of the time and number of stitches involved!

Carol said...

It sounds like you are having the same weather as we are, Leonore... Very cool the past couple of days after 10 days or extreme heat (and lots of rain from Hurricane Ida!). I can see why you are so proud of your mermaid--she is exquisite! Enjoy your weekend ♥

Rachel said...

As at the end of August, your colours are still a lot darker than mine. At some point we'll probably swap and I'll be stitching dark blues and browns whilst you're on the yellows and oranges. Percentage wise it still looks as if we're still roughly on track to finish together, and that's brilliant!! :)