Friday 3 September 2021

Hufflepuff Pride Socks - 20 Hours

Since I have managed to work the Hufflepuff socks into my rotation, they are getting more regular attention, and that means I made some good progress in August! Lots of it was made in a car, though, and that wasn't quite as fast as I usually would knit.

 I'm a little over a hundred rounds in total, so I've finished three sets of badgers, the word 'Huzzah', and started on 'Hufflepuff'. I think I'll finish the leg part this month, or get very close to it at least.


Carol said...

Great job on these fun socks, Leonore! Happy September ♥

Pamela said...

Very nice!

diamondc said...

Leonore: I love the fall colors of these socks.
I am looking forward to seeing the Hufflepuff socks.