Samstag, 31. Juli 2021

July WIPocalypse

Time for the July WIPocalypse checkin - I'm back to actually stitching TLOA one length a day (instead of working on it in bulk, as I did the last couple months), so I'm back to posting of the actual last day of the month.

First though, for the question of the month - Have you ever attended a stitching retreat? If so, tell us about your experiences. Short answer - no, I haven't. Longer answer - I'd love to attend one, but haven't found one around my country yet. Knitting, yes - and I'd love to attend one of those one days as well - but no luck with stitching so far!

Now for my progress on TLOA, my monthly WIPocalypse project. Last month I wasat  42,270/118800 stitches or 35,58%, and just about to finish my 6th colour, 336, with just a little bit missing in the lower corners.

So obviously, that happened early this month - six colours all done:

Colour number 7 turned out to be a nice surprise - 919 looked a little drab on the bobbin, but it really helps to bring this design together and it's finally starting to get that autumn-y look I was waiting for! So far I finished it all through the top three rows:

There are just under 900 stitches of 919 left to go, so August will see another new colour - 815, another nice red - and the new total is 44465/118800 stitches and 37,43%!

5 Kommentare:

diamondc hat gesagt…

Leonore: This is really coming along, you have made good progress.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname hat gesagt…

Fantastic progress on this one. It's nice to see some reds coming in.

Pamela hat gesagt…

I really like this one. It’s filling in nicely.

Clare-Aimetu hat gesagt…

I haven't seen this for a while, it looks super with lots of progress.

Carol hat gesagt…

Your autumn piece is growing so nicely, Leonore! Love the way each color you introduce adds so much! I've only attended small five person retreats which is fine for me--I do not like crowds and don't think I would enjoy one of those giant retreats that seem so popular here in the U.S. Hope your August is off to a great start ♥