Freitag, 28. August 2020

What's your favourite flower?

 I have two for your to chose from! For my next rotation, I got botanical. I started by stitching up a Hyacinth - my friend Ashley has designed a series of flower patterns based on the Animal Crossing series, and I won one of them in a contest on deviantArt. She was unsure about the contrast in some of the colours, so I promised to stitch the red one up for her, and I did. Isn't it pretty?

Isn't it pretty? I took the picture in naturel light (hence the shadow) to show how well the contrast actually showed up. This one will be going to Clare who is collecting flower for a Christmas tree bouquet sometime soon.

Stitching up this little flower only took me five hours (almost exactly), so I used the remaining time to work on WIP I had only made a tiny start on (back in May, I think). It's a kit from a Ukrainian manefacturer I found on amazon, but I have since discovered that they have a whole website full of stuff and it's all amazing! The one I got is a little cactus, and I am about halfway done with stitching it:

The kit came with a colour pattern (blurred because copyright and stuff), lots of little baggies with beads, and a wooden template to stitch on - yes, wooden! The quality - who precise the wood is cut out, and all of the holes are placed - is super impressive. And just look at that little wooden bobbin the thread came on! So cute and fun.

The finishing supplies are equaly impressive, and I hope to be able to show those to you next time - another 5 hours or so should see this one finished I think :)

3 Kommentare:

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname hat gesagt…

Lovely Hyacinth! I've started my flower for Clare, at last!
The cactus kit looks good, off to check out their website now.

Carol hat gesagt…

The hyacinth you stitched for Clare is so lovely, Leonore! She sure has had a great response from stitchers all over the world. Can't wait to see the entire tree filled with our little flower pillow ornaments. Enjoy stitching the rest of the cactus :)

Rachel hat gesagt…

I've seen a couple of little wooden projects before, the size of a brooch or pendant for a necklace, but not this big. Given that it's stiff and has no give, is it easy to hold whilst stitching? Both are certainly different projects to those I'm used to seeing on your blog. :)