Freitag, 7. August 2020

The July SALs

Hi lovelies! Still working on getting these blog posts caught up, as I actually finished my July SALs on the first day of August this time (and only because I needed to wait on the mean temperature for July 31st!). I had a bit of a stitching marathon to get there, but I am quite happy with the results!

First, there was the Blackwork SAL. As usual, this one stitched up quickly, especially as I only stitched one full cross (one of my favourite patterns so far!) and one little square this month.

Next up was the bookmark, and that thing was huge this time! Over 2000 stitches, and yet I finished it in less than five days. The pattern was repetetive and I could get into a bit of good old mindless stitching. It's also done on transparent plastic canvas and really cool in my opinion! I'm still debating backing it with stick-it-on felt, but I think it'd take from the transparent look, even if I cut the holes in it. And the plastic is pretty sturdy to begin with!

And last but not least, the temperature SAL. July was hot hot hot, so there is a lot of orange here! On the last day I almost got to use a new colour, but not quite. But it will make an appearance for the 1st of August - hopefully the last new colour of the year since everything left is just *way* too hot or too cold!

2 Kommentare:

Pamela hat gesagt…

You’re doing great keeping up with them all. I really like the temperature project. The rainy season ended here last week and it has become very hot this week.

Rachel hat gesagt…

Well done with your SALs. It's good to see some warmer colours appearing in the temperature SAL but I do hope that's almost it for the hottest temperatures. Roll on autumn! :)