Tuesday 20 August 2019

The 2019 Halloween SAL

As you might remember from last year, Carla and I are hosting a yearly Halloween Stitch Along every year. This year, our designers are Durene Jones and Jody Ellis from Unconventional XStitch, and we are lucky enough to actually have both of these awesome ladies in our group!

Our official start was August 15th, and I actually managed to get some stitches in that day, and every day since. Since I never actually finished my planned patterns in the last years, I'm trying to start small this year, hopefully not ending up with another bunch of WIPs. For my main pattern, I chose Blood Moon from Jody, which isn't super big, but extremely pretty - I started and finished 816, which is the colour with the most stitches at 955, and now I'll be working on colours in decending order of stitches.

Once I finish this, I have a couple of Halloween freebies by Durene lines up, and if I actually finish these as well, there's plenty of beautiful patterns I'm just dieing to get!

Plus, as my Puppeteer is also a little Halloween-y, I'm trying to finally catch up those stitches I didn't do when I was on vacation earlier this year. I'm hoping to get a row finish before Halloween - another four pages, but three of them barely have any black on them, so it should be very doable.


diamondc said...

Leonore: Puppeteer looks scary, I am looking forward to seeing it finished.
Blood moon is beautiful, had to look up the pattern.
Have a great week.


Carol said...

Yikes--your puppeteer is looking very scary, Leonore! Perfect for Halloween, I'd say :) I don't stitch much Halloween anymore as my dad died on Halloween almost five years ago, but I might do a small pillow this year. We'll see :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice work on the Blood Moon, it would make a great backdrop in a box frame to something stitched on plastic canvas!

Susan said...

Very nice start. I will have to keep that pattern in mind as I have an idea for one of the Mirabilia witches. Still loving the Puppeteer

Rachel said...

Good luck with keeping up with the SAL this year. If you've been sensible and chosen small projects then let's keep our fingers crossed. :)

Leonore Winterer said...

Oh, that sounds like an awesome idea! Jody also has a bigger version of the blood moon if you need more details.