Sunday 11 August 2019

July Stitchy Pie

Another one in the list of need-to-catch-up-to posts: Stitchy Pie! The only pie with twice the fun and none of the calories! I was pretty busy in July, but as I was traveling a lot (again...), not a lot of it was stitching. I still made nice progress on some things, and as usual, I'm going to show you the best off (minus the ones I'll just showed, or plan to show soon-ish):

So, most of my time went into the Sekamelsa shawl, and I still love it - I finished parts 2-4 and I'm halfway through part 5 right now. So far, part 2 is my favourite, it uses these really cool extended front post triple stitches that I've never seen before. I'm currently stalling, thinking about how I want to make the extensions...according to the pattern, there's just one more part to go, I still have more than half of the yarn left, and the shawl is tiny! Which is interesting, as it's turning out really differntly for different people. I'll let you know how I decide!

I also made some nice progress on the Pumkin Doodle Cats, filling in a lot of the actual cats. I think I might be able to finish this one, maybe even before Halloween!

And last but not least, I picked Kitsune up for a good round of stitching for some group homework, and made a good start on the next column.


Pamela said...

Over 95 hours! Amazing! The pumpkin cats are very cute.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great Pie! Love the Hallowe'en kitties.

Bethan said...

I'm enjoying the accidental/on purpose orange-yellow theme of your projects this post! The shawl is looking gorgeous x

Astrids dragon said...

Even though you were traveling, you had an impressive month!
The shawl looks lovely so far, I love the colours.
I hope you do finish the cats before Halloween, they're adorable!

Rachel said...

The Halloween Cats are super-cute. Who could resist the adorable eyes of the one on the left? :)