Monday 19 August 2019

Fully Finished Gallery - August

I'm cutting it pretty close this month...both with the date (12 hours until the linkup expires!) and the theme (the rules say 'cross stitch or similar', and this is very much on the 'similar' side of things), but I do have a fully finish, so I can check in with Rachel this month!

In fact, I finished (and fully-finished) my Sashiko coasters, I little project I bought in Japan and have only shown once before. Sashiko is seemingly simple technique - a fabric, often dark blue, is printed with a pattern, that you then follow with needle and thread. It's not quite that easy, though, since the fabric is super fine and the needle and thread super thick, and I had a lot of issues with the fabric getting warped and out of shape. With the second one, I was extra careful to pull it flat after each line of stitches, and it was a little better, but still not as nice as I'd have liked. Thankfully, a little blocking helped, and once I had attached the backs (which I'm guessing I was supposed to Japanese is a little rusty and I was mostly working by the pictures), both turned out quite nice, even if they're not perfect by far:

They did stitch up super quickly, and I can definitifly see myself doing more Sashiko in the future...and the coaster-finish also gave me an idea for something in my pile of shame, so there is that!


Pamela said...

Nice! I love sashiko.

diamondc said...

Leonore: The coasters are lovely, I have coasters on all my tables I like both designs.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

These are lovely and would have done for Monochrome too! Maybe some sort of needlepoint frame would keep them taut when stitching them?

Rachel said...

Thanks for linking up again this month - you weren't the last! It looks like Sashiko is a cross between backstitching and blackwork. I love both, especially on the dark fabric, and if finishing them has sparked an idea then so much the better! :)