Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

Tackling huge projects

Carla, Nancy and I were discussing the best way to handle the fabric while working on projects as huge as our current Teresa Wentzler designs, and since I found my words insufficient to describe the way I hold my frame and a picture does say more than I thousand words, I thought why not just show the girls what I'm doing:

What you probably can't see right in the picture (that Felix took, but not without declaring that he thinks me a little crazy) is that I'm proping the elbow of my left arm (the one holding the Q-snap) on my left knee so holding it doesn't get to heavy. I like sitting cross-leged like this (and snuggled into my blanket ^_^) while working, but the same thing also works while sitting at a table - I just prop my elbow on the tabletop in that case.

For the moment my biggest problem is that I'm working downwards now instead of left to right...I'm always tempted to turn the frame and work left to right again, but than I have to change the direction of my stitches or the won't fit in. Still need to adjust to that, so today saw a little frogging again...

And if you should be disappointed that you only found a picture of me in this post (but seriously, why would you?!), I am happy to announce that I also found the time to make some small adjustments to the blog itself - I now have two more pages which you can find in die side menu on the top right. For one, I made a gallery of my finishes (well for now it's only two, but it would have been a real mess to convert everything into a proper gallery if there already were a lot more) and a list of projects I'm working on or PLAN to work on at some point - just in case you're curious what else to expect here in the future.


  1. So huge! I have to pin my fabric up to keep it out of the way, but I think I will try just letting it hang down to see if that works better. Thank you for the tip :D

    1. I hope it helps, we can't have you hurt everytime you pick up you stitching, can we?

  2. I use a hoop and let the extra hang, gets the occasional cat hair, but other than that it works fine.