Mittwoch, 10. August 2022

The People Chose: Outer Space

Being away last weekend, I missed Jo's wonderful all-purpose SAL (but who am I kidding, I wouldn't have posted on time anyways!), so here we go. This month the theme was Outer Space, and I believe that's not really a 'classic' stitching least not for me! I went through my pictures and found just three, including one WIP and one knitting project.

First, this is Dark Forces, which is of course from Star Wars and set in a galaxy far, far away - this is the cover picture as I only got about 24% of the actual stitching done:

This is the Hitchhiker, inspired by the famous book by Douglas Adams (and because it has a total of 42 'spikes' on the one side):

And last but not least, there is Blood Moon from Unconvential XStitch:

So not a lot to show all in all, and I don't even think I got a lot of outer space patterns, even on my wish lists, either! So I'm very curious to see what everyone else might have pulled out for the occasion.

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Pamela hat gesagt…

I really like the blood moon!