Sonntag, 3. Juli 2022

June WIPocalypse

Yesterday was more busy than anticipated, so it took me until today to get that WIPocalypse update going! We are halfway through the year, so the topic this month is Half-year recap: How are you doing with your goals so far this year? I started the year with out too many hard plans. I wanted to finish Fans of the Far East for grandma's birthday in March, which I did, and to continue working TLoA, which is going well, but just how well you will get to judge yourself in a minute. Other than that, I've been working my way through several of my WIPs, already finishing some older ones, like the NYE SAL and even my oldest WIP. Other than that, I've been making good progress on a couple of projects, finishing some with no unplanned starts. Right now I am at 48 WIPs, and while I don't have any set plans for that number, I'd love to get it a little lower still before the year is over! Overall, I am quite content so far. If you want to know what I worked on in more detail, here are my statistics for the first and second quarter of 2022!

Now, pictures! Every month I share my progress on The Loneliness of Autumn, my long-term SAL with Rachel. I think she's a little behind on hers now, but that's okay because so am I! I have been ever since January, and hardly worked on it in February at all, but I'm slowly working on getting caught up and hope to get there by the end of the year. All of January is already caught up, so that means if I can just do another 4-5 lengths a month, I will be golden. In June, I added 2464 stitches, which means I finished the 221 I had been working on...and all of the next colour as well, which was 976, a darker yellow that filled in a lot around the shine from the street lamps. As it wasn't spread out as much, it stitched up quickly!

Next up are 1663 stitches of 782 - another yellowish brown that blends in around the leaves and the reflection on the wet ground. But after that, I think I might get to stitch some more 'exciting' colours! Woop! The turnover rate of colours is also bound to increase now that there are less stitches to go of each one. I wonder if that will make me go faster or slower?

In any case, the new total is 64318/118800 stitches, 54.14%, which is more than 2% up from last month!

My other project I have to share this month is The Puppeteer, which I am using for the WIPocalypse focus challenge. I am trying to get all the black done on this one, so during the month of June, I stitched one length of black for each day - a total of 1761 stitches!

So far, this is 60283/112000 stitches or 53.82% done. And since July is another focus challenge month, and I only have 1668 stitches of black left to go, I am quite confident I'll be able to celebrate a mini-finish next month! Fingers crossed.

4 Kommentare:

diamondc hat gesagt…

Leonore: Puppeteer is really starting to look scary, great progress on both designs.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname hat gesagt…

Fantastic work on these two focus projects! I think this method is working well for you. Love seeing all the colours appear in Autumn.

Pamela hat gesagt…

I look forward to your Autumn updates!

Rachel hat gesagt…

Great to see some more yellow appear on TLOA, and I'm getting excited for you that next month there may be other colours!
Also exciting is the fact the black on Puppeteer is close to a finish. Sounds like July might be a very happy stitching month! :)