Friday 11 March 2022

The February SALs

 So who was it again who tried really hard to get both my SALs caught up be March 1st, than forgot to post about it for ten days? Yup, sure sounds like me! My two SALs for the year are the Magical Kingdom SAL which I am doing with an eleven month delay to when it was released because I wanted to see the whole pattern, and the Temperature Tree. So in February, I was stitching the March installment of Magical Kingdom, which was Snow White (and her seven dwarves):

Lots of colours and details on this part, especially with the dwarves. This month is going to be the Lion King, one of my favourite movies, and I think the pattern is really pretty too, so I'm looking forward to stitching it!

On the Temperature Tree, I took some time to finish the trunk, then did the branch for February and added the leaves too. Still really enjoying these colours! Now that the trunk is all done, every month should stitch up pretty quickly:


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely work on both of these. The tree is going to look so pretty as it gets all its leaves this year.

Rachel said...

Long time no comment!
Thank you for taking part in the March FFG SAL with one amazing finish! It only seems like yesterday since you recommenced stitching this design, and now here it is all finished! Just goes to show how much can be achieved when you really commit to a project. :)