Monday 21 March 2022

March Gifted Gorgeousness

Happy Birthday to me! I could have made this entry to Jo's wonderful SAL about all things gifty a couple days ago, but I wanted to show you exactly a year after I started my Ubuntu blanket (the yarn was a gift for my last birthday) - it's finished! 

Here it is (on our approximately king sized bed, for reference) - isn't it pretty?

Over the last month, I continued working on the border, finishing the last two parts. Here's a close up:

There are so many gorgeous details in this pattern, I adore it and it was so much fun to make, too! Now I have a bit of yarn left over, and will have to make a plan on how to use it up.

For now, though, another birthday apparently means another blanket - I feel very loved again because I got the yarn for the Snuggle Up blanket by Morben Design, which I have been eying for months:

This one comes in 12 parts as well and as you can see I made a teeny-tiny start already, but I think it will be a lot more work over all, so no promises I can get it done within a year! Since I'm home sick with the dreaded plague, I should get a good start in, though.

So that's the big gift-y smaller news, I finally finished my baby jacket:

... but then I washed it and somehow it did the opposite of shrinking and now the buttons are too small for the holes and I'll have to see what to do about that! Still, considering this finished for the purpose of this SAL, haha.


diamondc said...

Leonore: How beautiful the blanket is and the coat is adorable.


Pamela said...

Happy happy birthday! Lovely yarnwork.

Carol said...

Congratulations on your Ubuntu blanket finish, Leonore! What an amazing finish! The little baby jacket is so sweet--I'm sorry about the buttons now being too small. Hope you can find a solution that is quick and easy! Enjoy your weekend ♥

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Love your blanket, I didn't realise how big it was going to be!
The little jacket is lovely too. Hope you can find some bigger buttons!