Sunday 13 March 2022

New Focus Start - Guardian of Wayfarers

After finishing Fans of the Far East, I had intended to work on a couple of my older projects for a while to see if something stuck, but ultimately, I could not resist the pull of a new start. I know I showed this pattern a couple of times already, but now I finally caved, got the pattern and started it. This is Guardian of Wayfarers by PatternNadGavr, and will look like this when finished:

This will be a gift for a friend who always supports my work but, to my great shame, I have yet to make something for him! I might be able to finish this for Christmas, but I'm not going to push it if I don't. It'll be done when it'll be done :) For now, I put in ten hours of work, and that got me here:

I've been told it looks like a blind frog being sick, or a squid running away while wearing a cape! Can you see it? And can you tell which part of the design this really is?


Carol said...

It's always nice to start something new and this piece looks very fun, Leonore! To me, that looks like a lizard swallowing a fish :) Enjoy your week ♥

diamondc said...

Leonore: Nice start this is a lovely design.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This is gorgeous! Such wonderful colours. I can see the frog swallowing a fish but also the part of the chart it comes from. The blue frog is actually the sky.

Rachel said...

Not jealous... not jealous... not jealous!
Fantastic new start, and fully justified after your commitment to finishing Fans Of The Far East. :)