Sunday 8 August 2021

Summer Blog Hop 2021: Stitching Friends are Friends Who Count

 Each year, Jo holds a fun blog hop during the summer time, and since last year's theme proved to be very popular, we are bringing it back this year! Stitching Friends are Friends Who Count - in these uncertain times more than ever, we rely on our online stitching friends for comfort and companionship, and with this blog hop, we try to get to know our friends a little better - or see how good we know them already!

My stitching friend lives in Maryland, USA, with her husband and sons, and has been stitching for many, many years. The oldest project she shows on her blog - which she has been keeping for over ten years now! - date back to the late eighties. Wow, I wasn't even born back then! She stitches a variety of themes, but I think dragons are one of her favourite thing for sure. She also enjoys reading, knitting, a bunch of other crafts and traveling, and lately, her blog has been all about photo scavenger hunts.

Now we are supposed to find some projects we think our mystery stitching friend would enjoy - and funny thing, I ended up picking the same as I did last year. It's not the same stitching friend though, but I just had to go with dragons again!

Think you know who my secret friend is yet? You can click here to find out if you're right.


diamondc said...

Nice choices Leonore.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in The Stitching Friends Hop this summer. Great clues, funny how many of us love dragons!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Your dragon designs are good choices for Astrid.

Astrids dragon said...

I guess I have been stitching for a while!
I love the dragons, although I think I'd be more likely to stitch the smaller one - I know that I would be able to finish that one for sure. But your big finish is fantastic!