Thursday 7 January 2021

November, December & 2020 Crafty Pies

 Look at me, one week into the new year and I already have a list of back-logged posts I need to get up...oh well. Wouldn't feel like my blog if I didn't ^^" 

So, looking back at 2020 one more time (not for the last time, there are at least two more posts concerning my December crafting yet to come), you might recall that I never got my November crafting pie diagrams online, and of course December is also still missing, so let's do that all in one post! 

First, my November tags:

Lots of stitching, a fair deal of crochet and knitting, and some excursions in finishing, beading and diamond painting...wait, what? between all the Naughty November starting, I snuck in another start - I had one of my UnconventionalXStitch patterns kitted as a diamond painting and of course I had to start it right away. It's a gorgeous blue butterfly on a white and turquoise background, and so far I am here:

It's not a lot yet, and that has two reasons - for one, the only surface big enough is my desk, which is in our bedroom, and it's *cold* in there right now, so it's not very enjoyable to sit there for longer periods of time, but that will take care of itself once we get closer to spring. The second reason was I had some issues working with the little plastic packs the drills came in - I finally caved and bought myself a bead organizer, and spent some time of my vacation organizing and labeling, so I am now all ready to really start once it gets a little warmer again:

(That's not all the drills in there, I still got some extra packets of some of the more prominent colours!).

Now the project list for November:

Yes, it was a little crazy! Nothing you haven't seen yet, though.

December wa a little better once I starte finishing off things:

The 'other' category was the Temari ball - I liked making it, but it doesn't warrant a whole new category on my tag sheet. Otherwise, my crafting thinned out a bit after Christmas, with all the crazy deadlines behind me I was a little burnt out, but don't worry, I still did a little every day and my stitchy bug is returning with a passion :)

As another year has passed, I also want to give you some year-long statistics. Here are my tags for all of 2020:

Unsurprisingly, stitching is in the lead by far, but my other crafts got a nice portion of time too. I'm sparing you the project pie - it's way long and has far too many tiny slices to really make out anything - but my total number of crafting hours in 2020 was 958:15h, which is actually more than 60 hours down from 2019 - I know I was busy this year, but I kind of thought I'd make up for it with the lack of socialization. Apparently not! 

I also have a breakdown of my daily crafting hours. Interestingly, my crafting is spread pretty evenly throughout the week and weekend. Wednesdays are my weakest day, probably because we usually spend the evening at my grandma's. Everything considered, I think I didn't do too bad!


Rachel said...

Didn't you do well in 2020 then?! All those different crafts and projects, no wonder you were feeling burnt out by the end of the year!
Here's to a just as successful 2021. :)

Clare-Aimetu said...

It's so interesting to see your records of work, I don't log my time. Although you say it's less than 2019 you've done lots of stitching and crafting. Good luck with your 2021 projects

Susan said...

WOW! Love how you kept track of everything. I'm lucky to remember a day never mind hours. I have a diamond painting kit but am very afraid to open it as I think I could become addicted quite easily. :-)

Pamela said...

Your charts are amazing. I can never keep track.

Bethan said...

Such a detailed breakdown of all your crafting time! I love how you have organised all your diamond painting pieces - I would have struggled with the little bags too x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your pies are great! I kind of wish I could keep a count of the hours spent but they are so broken up it would be difficult. Unless I got one of those chess timers and remembered to tap it every I stopped and started!