Friday, 16 October 2020

The People's Choice SAL: Wizards

 So...before we hit the third Saturday of the month, I better get out this post that was meant for the first! Our lovely Jo continues to host this SAL in which we get to vote for a new subject every month and this month, quite halloweeny-magical, the topic is wizards! Sadly, I dug through all my stitching, and while I stitched lots of magical creatures - and plenty of witches - there's not even one proper in sight! There are a couple lurking in my stash, I think, and also lots of Harry Potter and Gandalf themed pieces I want to stitch someday, so there will be wizards happening someday. And then there is one that should have happened years ago...story time!

When my friends Carla and Nancy were planning for their big 'Year of Terea Wentzler 2014' and I decided to join them, so, in late 2013, I bought up tons of patterns and one kit (the Peacock Tapestry) and finally decided that I wanted my Wentzler-ish New Year's start to be The Enchanter. I got the digital pattern (good thing I did then 'cause it's no longer available!), got all the yarn and even bobinated it, and then got stumped on the fabric. I didn't know about a lot of things (like different fabric manufactures and hand dyed fabrics) then, I just really wanted to get the fabric the pattern called for, a 28ct pearl gray linen by Zweigart. Alas, it wasn't made anymore! Carla finally spotted one lonely piece left at sewandso (my first time ordering in the UK!), so I ordered and waited for it...but I knew it wouldn't arrive before mid-January, and I really wanted that New Year's start, so I settled for the Peacock Tapestry, because it was a kit and had everything I needed to get started. The correct fabric eventually arrived, so The Enchanter has been sitting in my stash fully kitted since earls 2014, but I never got around to start it. And all that for a full coverage piece so it *really* wouldn't have mattered what fabric I chose!

Recently I've really been thinking I should get this one started soon...maybe it's in the cards for 2021? I haven't really  started making plans yet!


Pamela said...

Wow, this is an amazing pattern. I like all the details. I have a TW pattern that has not been started.

Rachel said...

Seeing as you have to approve your comments before they are published, I bet there will be one in there from Jo who might suggest some sort of SAL with you and this piece; not that you need another biggie, but seeing as it's all kitted up and ready to go... :)

diamondc said...

Leonore: It is a stunning design, I hope you do start to stitch it.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in The People's Choice this month.
Great story behind this piece! It won't be on my 2021 list but maybe we could start it in 2022? Or 2023? or 2024 for the 10 year anniversary of TW Year LOL

Carol said...

Oh, my! You are one brave stitcher! I've always feared TW pieces and at my age, I won't be starting any--ha ha!