Sunday 5 July 2020

Oh, the Possibilities!

Remember those two sneaky new starts I had in May? Well, in late June I finally managed to work on one of them and managed to do a full ten hour rotation, so it's time to talk about it! This project is a superlative in a couple different ways. For once, it's my biggest project so far, by far (with a total of 391.500 stitches), my first HAED, and, because it is so big, my first project in tent stitch. I have a new stitchy friend who does all her full coverage projects in tent, and they look amazing, so I wanted to give it a try as well, and I am pretty happy with it! (the coverage looks a bit patchy if you zoom in on the picture, but I think that was the flash, it looks way better in person, especially if you take a step back). So what is this project I am talking about? It's The Possibilities Eveelutions rainbow, featuring all the evee-evolutions from Pokémon. I totally fell in love with it when I saw it and even went for the max colour version (which uses about 250 different colours, but as it's so colourful, it's worth it I believe). This is what it will look like (eventually, probably in about ten or twenty years judging by my current pace...):

I started in the top left corner and so far I don't really notice any max colourfulness - I only stitched black. 3745 stitches of it (which sounds like a lot, but remember, it was tent stitch and one colour only). Which is almost, but not quite, 1% of the whole thing (it's 0.96% in fact).

Not sure when I will pick this up again as I have a bit more black to go (and then a blob of 939), so it'll be a little longer until it gets really exciting! Also, there's this whole bunch of drama going on at HAED about whether the new DMC colours are charted correctly, and this pattern uses almost all of them, so I might wait and see how that blows over, and if/how other people decide to change out colours. Not like I don't have enough other projects to work on either!


Pamela said...

Amazing project!

Rachel said...

Well, this makes TLOA look minuscule in comparison!
It's definitely a gorgeous design, and I think it deserves max colours, but what a marathon you have coming up! It's going to be so exciting watching all the bright colours gradually appear. :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It's a beautiful design, so colourful. Even if you have only stitched black so far.
I heard about the HAED controversy. Their computer wasn't programmed correctly for the new colours and they tried to blame DMC! Said it was dyelots!