Monday 17 February 2020

Lady Justice - Floating No More

Sometime last week (I am, once again, a few updates behind, but will do my best to get caught up before the end of the month) I finished my newest 10 hour rotation on Lady Justice! Last time you saw her, she was here:

When I had just spent ten hours working on that blue 'floaty thing' of hers. This time around, I finished the right floatie and connected it to her body. I also continues working up up up on her green dress - I always forget how tall and slim she is, I'm just now stitching her butt!

Next time, I'll be starting the floating things on the left, so I can eventually finish the lower half of the chart.


Carol said...

She is growing more and more beautiful, Leonore! Love her colors :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely work on your Lady this week. She is very statuesque, you can tell Nora likes models!

Pamela said...

Great progress!

diamondc said...

Leonore: The dress is really coming along, the blue is a stunning color.


Rachel said...

Great progress! The contrast of greens and blues is really pretty. Looking forward to seeing the next 'floatie' thing! :)