Tuesday, 11 February 2020

January Crafting Pies

I'm a little late showing my pies for January, but since February isn't half over yet, I still consider this being 'on time' (and probably would even if it was, haha!).

So, again I have two pies for you, one labelled with project, one with tags. And since I will be doing the tags for the whole year now, I can do a yearly overview of them as well, but that is still eleven months away from now :)

My total crafting time for January is about average, maybe a little less than in previous months because I had some social obligations, and also some serious gaming-cravings lately. Still, with my new-and-focused rotation, I've been quite productive. Overall, I worked on 'just' 9 projects. 5 of them have been finished, and two of the remaining ones come with monthly commitments, which I've met. 
After I did a lot of crochet in December, I've mostly been focusing on stitching now. But I have a few presentations/movie nights/etc coming on in February, and Viajante will be my focus project for those, hopefully getting some good progress in on that :) 


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I like this idea! I don't track hours though and I only stitch. I could include scrapbooking and FFOing. I spent ninety minutes attaching a ruched ribbon to an Ornie this morning!

R's Rue said...


Pamela said...

Well done!

Bethan said...

I am very tempted to start tracking what I have been doing out of interest - I also think if I had a timer going I'd be less likely to distract myself with my phone! x

Rachel said...

As a non-knitter and non-crocheter I'm glad to see that most of your time was spent cross-stitching! You achieved a lot in January, here;s hoping February brings as much success. :)