Thursday 3 January 2019

Finish it in 2019

My friend Magical is hosting her 'Finish it in 2019' SAL again (well, it wasn't actually 'in 2019' the last time around, but you know what I mean) and since I have big plans to shorten my WIP list this year, I'll be joining her :) My plans for this year's WIPocalypse are in line with this as well, but I'll talk about those in the appropriate post.

My WIP/UFO (aka the list of SHAME) list has gone way out of hand over the last few years, and I really want to clean it up a little. I love everything on there, and those projects just don't deserve being ignored for so long! So the motto of the year is, finish what you start, and finish what you started before as well. Now I won't give you a rundown of the complete list - it's 49 projects, and I don't have pictures for all of them - but instead I'll choose a few to focus on for now, and work from there.

I have four projects that I'll probably finish really fast - I've been working on them throughout December and they are getting close! Those are Bunny Blanket #3 (just needs finishing the actual blanket and assambly), Smooth Sailor (only needs weaving in all the loose ends), Early Morning Santa (needs a little more cross stitch and beading) and BSJ Lucia (2/3 done):

I'll also be working on the NYE Mystery SAL - I'm on part 11 right now (our of 15, plus a backside), and should be able to finish it within the next few days:

Then there are two bigger projects I want to finish on - one is the Baby Blanket SAL I started a few years ago and want to finish for a friend who is due in February, so I better oil that needle!

And then of course there is The Mermaid, which will be a present for my dad's 60th birthday in July, so she needs some attention as well.

So I guess I got my work cut out for now...I will be focusing on these until I finished at least the first five, then I might pick a few more.


Magical Mystery said...

These are lovely projects to start with! Starting with a smaller number is certainly more manageable than putting ALL 49 on your do do list. I look forward to your first finishes from this list as I don't think som of them will take long :)

Pamela said...

I think I need to join this finish-a-thon. It looks like you will be finishing a few very soon.

rosey175 said...

Good luck with these, you'll have an amazing year! The baby blanket SAL has such a happy color selection. Hooray for Finishing All the Things! :D/

Bethan said...

This sounds like a motivating SAL to be part of. I love the colours of your baby blanket. Good luck making a dent in all your projects! x

Leonore Winterer said...

Exactly...and if I put all 49 here, I'd just set myself up for failure again (or feeling like failure, because even if I did finish twenty of them, there'd still be 30 unfinishes!).

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I like the idea of just selecting a few close to a finish to focus on. The Mermaid is lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing that one grow.
But, the baby is due in February and you started their baby shawl a few years ago? Has it been a LONG pregnancy or does it just seem that way to Mum ? LOL

Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

oh gosh, I can't wait to see everything finished! HURRY UP SO WE CAN SEEEEEEEE! <3

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm doing my best, but I could really use another pair of hands!