Sonntag, 6. Januar 2019

December Christmas Pie

Sorry to spam you with blog entries today, but I'm going back to work tomorrow and I'm afraid blogging will become a weekends-only thing then (I always try to be on time, but somehow it never happens!), so I just wanted to get everything out of the pipeline before then. We have one monthly post still missing, and that's the December timechart pie!

As you can see, December was quite productive - mostly because I had the week after Christmas off and spent it mostly sleeping and crafting. Before Christmas, I was mostly taken over with gift making, and it will most likely be some time before I get into a decent rotation again, as I have some tiding up to do. I think the only thing on that list that I have not yet talked about is Sacrifice - and it's a pretty sizable 'thing'! Sacrifice is a gorgeous pattern by Unconventional XStitch that I have owned for quite some time. And now that I finished Fire and Ember - and found out I had a perfectly sized and -coloured piece of fabric for it - and could even get a great deal on the thread pack...well, things just came together too nicely to not go for it! I started stitching on it in mid-December and put some serious work in after Christmas. Originally, I only wanted to show it to you once I had a first page finish to show, but it takes a little more time than I thought it would. First I tried stitching by column, but that took about 5 hours for the first one (on Fire and Ember, I took about 12 hours per page, which equals 4 columns). I started doing the remainder of the page per colour to see which way was quicker, but I didn't quite make it, so this is where I am right now:

I do love the colours, such a nice change after all the reds and browns!


  1. Wow! I love the colors in your new project too.

  2. Pie, everything is better with pie! I STILL love the colors of Sacrifice. If I didn't have so many other things I might get this one too and stitch with you!

    1. You do have some marine themed patterns from Jody though, don't you? Maybe we could to a semi-SAL with one of these!

  3. I'm amazed at how some of you stitchers keep such accurate track of how many hours were spent on each piece! Really impressive, Leonore :) Have fun back at work (and even though I'm retired now, I don't seem to be stitching much more than when I worked--not sure what my problem is!) Happy New Year!

  4. Nice new start but I bet you will be longing for some red in a few pages time LOL

  5. Oo I love the colours in your new piece - particularly the fabric! I do love a good Pie. Apologies for the lots of commenting; like you, now I'm back in work I have to block blog and comment x