Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Knitting, Tarzan and further adventures

After a relativly quiet week, Felix, his family and I (eight persons in total) went to Stuttgart yesterday in order to see the musical version of Tarzan. It was a great day, and a greater show still - the music is not as epic or memorable as that of many other musicals I enjoy, but the visualy were stunning - gorilla people swinging and jumping on lianes, people dressed and dancing as tropical flowers, colored light and much, much more, it was amazing. It was only our second musical life performance after seeing Dance of the Vampires last year, but I can't wait to see more shows in years to come.

While I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the show, I do have something else I wanted to share, and that's my knitting progress of the last weeks. I worked some on the sweater - I'm through with the more 'complicated' section of the patterns and know I just have a few more rows of stockinette pattern before I have to start on the sleeves. I'm positive that I should be able to finish tha back half before sommer ends, and the whole sweater before next summer, if I stick to it. If it will fit me than, that's another story, right now I have the impression that it'll turn out way to small even though it's already a size bigger than I usually wear - oh well, we'll see.

I also couldn't resist starting the project I planned with that hand dyed yarn I showed a few posts ago. I plan to use it for a scarf and a pair of mathing wristwarmers, and while it might be sensitive to do the scarf first (as the pattern looks a little easier),  I started with the wristwarmers so I can just use whatever yarn I have left over in the scarf.

As you can see, I already finished the first of the pair - the pattern is called Mostly Warmness, designed by the wonderful Martina Behm from strickmich.de. It's done almost completely in garter stitch, then sewn together diagonally, and I'm totally in love with the effect this has in combination with the hand dyed yarn ('Rose' by Opal). It's by no means perfect, especially were it's sewn together, but I didn't want to risk frogging this and possibly losing some stitches in the process, and it's not to bad. The second one will be better now that I know what to do ^_^

I also made some progress with my gaming last week and finally finished Hunted - Forge of Darkness. It's a co-op action adventure you can either play with a friend or with the KI (I did the latter as Felix wasn't impressed and the online servers are no longer active). The gameplay is not stellar and so is the story, but it has that great sense of (dark) humour where the two characters are constantly quarreling (in a loveling way!) and commenting on gaming clich├ęs, and I probably would have loved it if I didn't run into a stupid bug on  my first play through, forcing me to play the whole thing again because I couldn't find the last of the crystals that I had to collect. Second time took my quite a while because I wasn't much motivated anymore, but no I made it and I'm pretty happy about that.

At the moment, I'm getting ready for my next adventure, which is going to the GamesCom in Cologne, the world's biggest gaming convention - I've got some presentations to see and interviews to do for the website I write news articles for, but also for general enjoyment, meeting people I haven't seen for over a year, and possibly scoring some goodies. I'll be gone for the four hour train ride after lunch, so possibly lot's of time to give love to my bookmarks. 


Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

I love the sweater and warmer! When you get more done I will probably be at the point where I will have to try making a sweater or warmers myself. Never have done either...YOU are my motivation.

DO NOT forget your needle this up coming trip!!!

Leonore Winterer said...

Well that's funny, because you're part of my motivation to pick knitting up again in the first place :D I did indeed not forget my needle, and I'll be able to show you my progress shortly ^_^

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