Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

July SFS

Pray forgive me as this will be another rather short update, but at least, this one will be on time! Time for what? Well, for Stitch from Stash, of course! Another month has passed, and against my own predictions I stayed strong this time and didn't order any new stitching stash. Well, I did order a few more needles because ever since threading all those greens for Angel of Frost, I can never find any new needles when I need them, and a small set of beading needles as well as I did not have any of those and beading with sewing needles is not quite the optimum. However, if I recall the SFS rules correctly, those should be excluded from the budget, so I can declare this month a success at $0. No promises for next month though; I'll leave for Prague tomorrow morning and I know that there are a few absolutely awesome eastern Europa based cross stitch companies, so I might or might not find some stuff I can't resist there.

I did however purchase some stuff on another front...I've recently gotten a little more into knitting, mostly to a German blog I've started reading for the authors beautiful crocheting projects, and that has lead me to another blog of a knitting designer that does the most wonderful scarves using hand dyed or otherwise multicolored sock yarn. So I couldn't resist and I ordered two skeins of yarn together with the appropriate needles, and I'll try my hands on one of those scarves myself sometime soon. I really love the colors, can't wait to see how they will come out in the design:

While I'm still rather busy (mostly university staff and flat-hunting), I did some stitching done anyways - in fact I finished my little kittens just a few hours ago, and just in time, so my grandma can send them on to the recipient while I'm gone because I won't be back in time to do so myself. I'm rather pleased with the outcome of this one; originally I had only bought this kit because the kittens reminded me of a friend's, but I really enjoyed stitching them and aren't they ever so cute?

So as I said, I'll be off for a total of five days starting tomorrow, which means some more love for my bookmarks while on the train and such, and after I return I will finally, finally start an focus on Angel of Frost, hoping I can still get it done for christmas!


  1. I love that delicious yarn!! I love knitting and learning new knitting stitches so THIS project is thrilling me :D

    Your kitties turned out super cute and I have to say that you are VERY GOOD at getting things done in time for the gift giving. I'm not very good at that :D I hope your trip to Prague is lovely and I looked around online and found some stores there for you!

    In Domcích 53/23 162 00 Praha 6, (bus 179, stop Libocká)

    and then this one where the website shows a most wonderful shop!

    Haberdashery Filium sro
    OC Palladium, floor market
    náměstí Republiky 1078/1
    102 00 Praha 1
    Tel.: 225771575

    Please PLEASE make sure you look for the cross stitch shops!! One never knows when I will be in Prague and in dire need of floss hahahahahaha!

    1. Me as well! I don't think I can wait much longer before starting it :D

      Well to be honest, with thinks like that I put myself under a lot of pressure to finish them in while I might me good at it, I suppose it's not very good for me, if you know what I mean :/

  2. Such pretty yarn, makes me wish I had knitted more, (one sweater, 26 years ago) And lucky you going to Prague, it's on my wishlist of places to go

    1. Well you always can start again, can't you :D Prague was awesome, I hope you get a chance to go someday

  3. Beautiful yarn and the cats look great. ^_^