Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Sorry for always being late with my posts at the moment, but I'm super busy right now - two friends/relatives of Felix were her last Friday, so we made another trip to the fun park, this time riding all of the big rollercoasters, and now I'm having lots and lots of meetings at university and work to do at home for said meetings and planing our next university-business-trip to Prague next week,. So I'll just do a reallyreally quick post now to catch up on crafting stuff, and everything else will have to wait a little longer.

I actually wanted to do a small crochet project before getting back to stitching after all those deadlined projects, but I couldn't really get into it so it's on hold for now. Almost finished though, so you might see it soon. Instead, I spent most of my free time working on the kitties - I just learned the deadline for those will be August 2nd, with shipping and everything considered I guess I should finish this before I leave for Prague on Sunday morning. But it's looking good so far, the kittens themthelves are done now and I only need to add the grass and flowers.

To be honest, I'm almost tempted to leave it like that - those two are much more cute than I imagined them to be! - but I'm also eager to stitch the flowers, I love stitching colorful stuff, so I guess that won't happen ^_^ Most of kitten 2 was done over the weekend, so I guess this qualifies as an IHSW post after all :D

For my evenings, Lady has been swapped out with a knitting project, a sweater, I started yeeeears ago and then kinda abandoned. Took me a while to get back into the pattern, and some days I was knitting more backwards than forwards, but I think I got the drill now - this is just the kind of repetetive work I need to relax before going to bed. Also made some considerable progress yet, going from 18 to 32 rows:

I'm sorry to keep this post so brief, but I don't have more time right now; I have to leave in less than an hour and still got stuff to do...but I hope I'll be back to my usual blogging and crafting routine soon!


Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for the kittens ^_^.

Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

The kittens are too cute! Who is the sweater for? I love the bright red. Are you doing the slip stitch on the sides to attach the rest to later? Is that the backside or a sleeve? I've never knitted a sweater so this is why I ask so many questions :D

Leonore Winterer said...

They are cute, aren't they? Not quite as awesome as your kitty litter, but cute nevertheless :D

Leonore Winterer said...

The sweater is for's a rather light microfiber yarn, and it's going to be a light, short-sleaved sweater, so not really a sweater I guess, but I still call it that :D It was a kit a bought a few years ago actually, and it's worked in only to pieces to be sewn together (I guess I'll crochet them together though), right now I'm working on the back. I never knitted anything besides a scarf and a not-quite-right cap, so I'm a little nervous how it will turn out :D

Brenda A said...

OMG I love the kitties!!! The gray one reminds me of my own. :)

Leonore Winterer said...

The friend I'm making it for has two cats just like those, brother and sister :D