Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

Happyhappy day

Right here should be more posting for The weekly Lady, but that will have to wait for a bit longer as today, I have other things I need to talk about (don't worry, I already took the picture of Lady this morning, so no cheating involved :D). Don't you worry, it not one of these uncomfortable 'talks', it's just that two good things (well, one good thing and one amazing thing, really) have happend for me today, and I just need to share them with you (or at least those of you that didn't know already).

Some of you might remember how when I posted my Spring Bunnies a few weeks back, I said those were for a small contest in a deviantArt group I'm a member of? Well, imagine my joy when I came online this morning and saw that my Bunnies had actually taken first place! Of course I had hoped that they might score well, but I wouldn't have dreamt that I'd actually win - after all, the group might be rather small, but has some of the most talented stitchers I have ever seen.

On top of being happy as a clam at high water, there are also some awesome prices that come with winning this contest - some awesome patterns and even a custom made bead dress pendant by the wonderful PinkyThePink herself.

So, is there something that could make a stitcher even more happy than that, you might ask? Indeed there is - new stash! Because on top of that all I also got to go to the custom's office and fetch the supplies for my Mysterious Halloween Town Club and isn't it all so pretty?

The fabric is all sparkly and the hand dyed floss is just lovely, I can't wait to start it now! Sadly, I'll have to wait a bit longer, first I need to finish mystery project #2 and the kittens and we need a new printer because our old one broke down and I can't print the pattern right now. Still, very happy day indeed!

But honestly, what made me happiest today was that I got to give mystery project #1 to my friend today (well, I mailed it to her earlier this week and today was her birthday and she opend it) and she absolutely loves it ^_^ I'll tell you all about this project later when I get around to posting it.

Lady-post will be up either later today or some time over the weekend.


  1. Congrats on the win! Love that fabric. I like the colors I'm seeing to be used. I'm a sucker for the pink shade. Is it wrong that sometimes all you want to do is gather as much floss as you can and roll around in it? Just me? Haha.

  2. Thanks!

    I love it as well; I've never used sparkly fabric before and I'm really looking forward to it ^_^ The floss is pretty as well, rolling around in it sounds like fun! :D