Sunday 6 July 2014

The weekly Lady, #6

A little later than usual due to more urgent stuff to be posted, but here is my weekly update on Lady & the Tramp (picture taken on Friday, when the update normally would have been due). So without further delay, here she is:

As you can see, I couldn't resist and already started on the sky, even though the tree isn't completely finished - I've been alternating little confetti-y bits of tree with bigger blocks of sky - but I think this week should finally see the last of the tree, of that one at least.

I also realized it's been a while since I last talked about stuff we've been watching, so quite a bit has piled up; I'll just take yare of it now before it gets even more:

  • Click: Felix says he watches this movie every once in a while to remind himself what's truly important in life, and I think that's a brilliant idea. Although superficialy a comedy, this movie really gives one a bit to think...I like Adam Sandler for that, he always seems to find the right balance between clown and 'hero'.
  • Back to the Future: You know this feeling when everyone assumes you have to know a movie because everyone else does but really, you just never got around to watching it? I get that a lot, but in this case, Felix hadn't seen it yet as well. And boy, did we miss out - this movie is brilliant, it aged very, very well and I love all those little references and hints between the timelines. I'd really like to the the sequels as well, but I'm a little scared they might go the way of most sequels and just not life up to the original...
  • Dark Shadows: I like Tim Burton, and I love Jonny Depp, I really do, but this one...well, the beginning was really good and funny, but it just got more and more abstruse and confusing and at the latest when the werewolf appeared, they completely lost me. Don't think I'll watch this again...
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask: Another one of those 'Should hae watched but never got around to' movies, but this time we were not of one mind: Felix gave up two episodes in because is was too absurd for him, I later picked it up where we had left off and found the later episodes to be quite enjoyable. Still, if all Woody Allen movies are like that, I'm not sure I'm going to watch more by him...not quite my type of movie.
  • Keinohrhasen (No ear rabbits), a German rom-com starring Til Schweiger. German rom-coms usually follow the pattern of  'Party animal with no interesent in a serious relationships meets wallflower who somehow manages to tame him', but that's okay, and Til Schweiger and Nora Tschirner really fit well into their roles. Also lots of German 'VIP's in the cast, as well as most of Schweiger's (then) little kids in minor roles, quite enjoyable to watch.
  • Zweiohrk├╝cken (Two ear chicks), so sequel to Keinohrhasen. Ever wondered what happens to the couple after the end of a rom-com? Well, here you get to know, completely with 'Why did't you take the trash out?!' and ex girl/boyfriends suddenly appearing on the doorsteps. Also quite fun to watch.
  • Vikings (Season 1): When Vikings got to amazon prime, Felix and I set right out to watch it, but it took us a while to finish it - not because we didn't like it, it was just that other stuff kept popping up. Yesterday we watched the last episodes of Season 1 - we quite like it, but I think it's even worse than GoT in terms of likeable characters, I think theres only three or maybe four persons I actually trust in this show. Really curious to see what will happen next though, it's a good thing Season 2 is already waiting to get started!


katjakay said...

Nice progress on Lady
Click is one of the few Adam Sandler movies that I deliberately watched, I am not usually a fan of his brand of comedy, The Back to the Future sequels stand up, not as good as the first but still a good watch. And you are really making me want to find German movies.
Still waiting for Vikings to show up on Netflix (we don't have amazon prime here) but I watched the first couple and enjoyed

Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

I looked for Keinohrhasen and Zweiohrkucken on both Netflix and Amazon Prime and they are not available to me here :( . I love Vikings!

Every time I see your progress on Lady it makes me want to start work on Cinderella or Lion King and then I tell myself CELTIC GODDESS and that you, Nancy and I will work Lion King together which will be so incredibly fun!!

Leonore Winterer said...

So we'll probably dare and watch the sequels some time soon, thank's for confirming! :D

It's mean of amazon prime to not show up in Canada, I think they claim that Vikings is 'exclusive' to their service, so who nows when it will shop up some where rude!

Leonore Winterer said...

It's ridicolous, we get all the English/American movies here, but hardly a German movie gets translated into English...they only remake them Hollywood-style and claim them as something new, then try and make even more money from us who already had the orginals xD

I agree, the Lion King will be so much fun when we all work on it together! How is Celtic Goddess going by the way, do you have anything new to show?

Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

You are telling me!! I love the BBC televisions series like Being Human and MI5, but for some reason Hollywood feels the need to make an American version of Being Human which does not compare. Another great example are the Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest series, it was AWESOME as it was but Hollywood again stepped in and thought they should make am American version. Makes me sad.

I prefer the subtitled movies because dubbed over you don't get the real tone and meaning without hearing their voices. I can watch French and Spanish movies now without having to read too much, but German and Russian I still have to read and read and read and read ha, ha!

Celtic Goddess has nothing to show but the new gridding, HOWEVER! I did make some really great headway with the Dr. Who Scarf and I'm really eager to finish it as quickly as possible. I'd like Nancy's ma to have it for Christmas THIS year :D

katjakay said...

For all of my complaints about Canadian netflix they do have a wonderful supply of BBC stuff, I love BBC's Being Human, and Merlin of course, can't wait to get into Downton Abbey

Leonore Winterer said...

I hope amazon prime gets back on top with BBC stuff as well...taking off Dr Who is just a shame, and I'd really love to see Merlin eventually