Sunday 18 February 2024

February Fully Finished Gallery

Welcome to the February edition of FFG - or maybe FFFG? No? Okay! I'm pretty late this month, but I also got a lot of pictures to share, so let's get onto it!

My first finish-finish for the month was actually done well in advance, at the beginning of the month - it was my little Valentine's Hare, which was both a gift for my husband, and my entry for Jo' Valentine's SAL this year. I made it into a little pillow using fabric that Felix had brought my from a business trip once, and I didn't hand sew, I used my sewing machine! Yes, I am determined to make friends with her this year.

As this was a bit of a double dip, I really wanted to get something else finished, but of course didn't get around to it until way late...but since Rachel herself was late this month putting up the sign up page, I took that as an excuse to procrastinate a bit more, and just this afternoon I finally returned to my sewing machine, and finished the first of my Little Sheep Values - Love, or the February one, was stitched years ago, but as I returned to the series this year, I also need to finish January and February, and wanted to get this one done in the right month.

I recently bought some Gingham fabric in four different colours that I plan to use for all twelve designs, and made a little pillow using some lace too. It's far from perfect, but I like how it turned out and it feels good to actually be sewing!

So much for finished objects this month, now let's talk about some unfinished ones. As it is the 5ths anniversary of this SAL (I can hardly believe it's so long!) Rachel had the idea that we should all show some of the stuff lurking in our boxes of shame. Mine has a lot of projects that have plans that will take some more work, or pieces that are waiting for Felix to frame them, but also a couple that I don't have any idea what to do with yet - most of them are older stitches, from my pre blogging days. These are all stitched on aida, and some are not as cleanly stitched as I would have liked them today, so I think I want to turn them into something useful, where I won't be depressed if they maybe get a little dirty eventually. Maybe some kinds of bags? We got three designs of Popcorn the Bear, a pair of horses, a Christmas Tree and Mouse and Elephant from a popular German children's show:

Let me know if you got any ideas! I'm thinking maybe drawstring toy bags for the Popcorn ones, but I'm open to any and all suggestions!


Rachel said...

Thank you for your cute entries in this month's FFG SAL. Both are lovely, and the lace and gingham fabric match the sheep perfectly. I look forward to seeing the remaining Virtues with their different coloured gingham as the year goes on!
As for your 'I don't really know what to with' finishes, I think the horses would look lovely in a hoop and the others as little tote bags as you suggested. The Christmas tree could perhaps hold your stitched Christmas ornies, and the Popcorn ones things like fabric or speciality threads/beads? One can never have enough storage for one's stash!!

Carol said...

Well, look at you using your sewing machine! Both finishes look great, Leonore--I do love a pillow finish :) I guess you could tell that from my blog. You have lots of pieces waiting in the wings to be fully finished. I hope inspiration strikes and you can get these out and on display or gifted. Believe me, I have more than my share of waiting-to-be-finished items as well. I guess we all do! Enjoy the rest of February! ♥

Tiffstitch said...

Lovely finishes and if you want to keep using the sewing machine, yes, adding them to canvas bags or making them into bags with fabric would work well with the older projects. I plan to hopefully get one onto a leftover metal chocolate box on one of mine this year too.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely little pillows. I do like the idea of using different ginghams for the months.
Bags would be a good way to use the older designs. I like the idea of storing stitched ornies in a bag with a stitched Christmas Tree too.