Friday 6 January 2023

The December SALs

Before we formally start into the new year, which will be with Monday's WIPocalypse kickoff, there are a couple of things to catch up on left from the old year. On of this is my monthly SALs post and yes, we are back at SALs, plural, at least for this month! 

Starting off, there is the Temperature Tree, which has finally gotten its last leaves this week. We had a cold week or two in the beginning of December, which got me some nice blues and pinks, but then it got back to uncharacteristically warm. Yes, that is at yellow on the last day of the year, at 17°C average on NYE! Crazy, I know. (fun fact, this was not, in fact, my first finish of the new year, but we'll get to the other one in time).

I've also picked up another SAL I want to work on monthly, now that both Magical Kingdom and the Tree are done...not a new one, but one I dropped of from after following along way too shortly. It's the Jacquie SAL by Faby Reilly which I started July of 2021 and only stitched to the third part. Now in December, I finished parts 3 (which was partially done) and 4 to finish the first panel, and hope to do one panel each month to get a finish in spring!


diamondc said...

Hi Leonore: They are both lovely designs, I am looking forward to seeingthem finished.


Pamela said...

I really like the temperature tree and have to say the dragonfly is fabulous!

Rachel said...

Congratulations on finishing the very pretty temperature tree, and good luck with your new SAL(s). This Faby Reilly one looks very delicate.