Tuesday, 10 January 2023

January Fully Finished Gallery


I am very pleased that Rachel, out mistress of ten-hour stitching sessions and fully-finished objects, is hosting this SAL for another year, to keep us motivated to finish what we start and to also, maybe, eventually take care of all those objects in our box of shame! 

I actually have a couple things ready to get framed, buuut my framer (aka my husband) isn't really feeling up to it lately, so either I will have to learn to do it myself, or keep busy with other kinds of finishes in the mean time! This month, I ended up stitching an emergency ornament, which I started on Sunday and rushed to finish today because I really, really wanted to be on time at least once this year!

So, my choice was the next one of the 2015 Ornaments of the month which I have been stitching since, well, 2015! But as of today, there is only one left, and I'm pretty sure that will get done this year as well, so that's something! As usual, I stitched the front as charted on 18ct aida, and did a little back using elements of the back stitching and the name of the month and birth stone.

And also as usual, I finished it with a beaded edge and a braid made from the three colours used in the design:

Excuse the crappy picture, but I *literally* finished this ten minutes ago and it's been dark since I came home! So yeah, that's my first finish-finish of the year (also, third finish, but who's counting!). On to many more, my friends!


Pamela said...

Very pretty! Well done!

Carol said...

What a beautiful ornament, Leonore! Love the blue and the beaded edging. I really need to make a couple of my ornaments with beaded edgings again this year. Hope your January is going well ♥

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely work on your ornament. They will look great all hung up together.

Rachel said...

Thanks for your FFG SAL entry, especially as it was an emergency stitch and finish! Good luck stitching the final one this year.