Thursday 17 November 2022

The People Chose: Travel

I'm really not good with my posts this month, even though most of them would just require me sitting down and write them! However, I'm not letting it stress me out, I know I'll get to all of them eventually, just be warned that you might be seeing some posts a little out of order (or at unexpected times alltogether).

Soooo. Awkward intro - check. Where was I? Ah yes, it's time (and has been for about two weeks) for Jo's wonderful all-purpose SAL, the People's Choice SAL. This month, the subject is 'Travel'. Now my first thought was 'travel projects', but since I love to craft on trains and in cars, and with frequent visits to in-laws and friends, almost all my projects have been worked on 'on the go' at one point or another, so that's not a good selection criterion. But then I thought of 'traveling patterns', so patterns that travel from stitcher to stitcher, and I have stitched only two of those - much better!

This one was designed specifically and available only as a traveling chart, by the late and wonderful Gaynor French. I'm planning to eventually make it into a project bag for a traveling project...if my sewing skills are up for it!

And this little monkey was send traveling by a stitcher from Italy who I think is no longer actively blogging. I wouldn't normally count monkeys among my favourite animals, but isn't he cute?!

As a bonus (and because I only showed two designs today), here is a travel-themed project I'd really like to stitch some day...the Postcards from the World SAL by cloudsfactory! 



diamondc said...

Hi Leonore: I like the Postcard design, very sweet.
The monkey's face is positively adorable.
I cannot think of anything I have stitched related to travel; it may be a hard one but a fun one to do.


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Leonore, I adore the travel quote. Travel has been near and dear to my heart this past year as we have been blessed to travel with different family members and knocking some things off the travel bucket list. That monkey is so cute and could be finished in so many fun ways for a little one...or little one at heart. Happy stitching! -Andrea

Astrids dragon said...

That would make a great project bag to travel with.
That monkey is adorable! Another bag?
Wouldn't it be nice to visit all those places in the postcards?

Carol said...

That monkey is the cutest! I hope you get to stitch that cute project some day--looks like a fun one!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in The People’s Choice this month.
Why didn’t I think of Travelling Patterns? I guess the monkey was from Chiara? Giovanna is the only other Italian blogger I’ve know and neither blog now.

Pamela said...

I didn’t even think about traveling patterns. Nice finishes and the postcards future project looks interesting too.