Tuesday 1 November 2022

October WIPocalypse

Happy November, everyone! Looking outside, I have a really hard time believing how far the year is gone already. We've been having a couple of really nice, warm and sunny days that felt more like early September than late October! Of course, with all the warnings to save as much energy as possible, warm days sho
uld be welcome, but I kind of feel cheated out of my favourite time of the year! We'll see what the next month brings, though.

Stitching wise, thanks to a lazy long weekend, I am pretty much caught up with everything, so let's quickly talk about the question of the month and dive right in. So, Do you prefer Halloween or Christmas stitching? I'd have to say Halloween, for the colours and motifs, although I do not do a ton of seasonal stitching overall - for Christmas, I usually just manage an ornament or three.

Now, for my monthly progress - I put just over 1.7k stitches into TLoA, finishing the 816 and stitching up all of the 3051.


New totals are 74641 stitches/62.83% done. Next up are 1294 stitches of 833, a gold/yellow, so I'll be filling in a little more around the lamps.

October was also a one-a-day challenge, and I used that to work on one of my oldest WIPs, a tablecloth with some cute critters and flowers that I call the Meadow Tablecloth. Before the month, I had very little done on it, now (after 9 hours and 946 stitches), one quarter is completely finished:

Obviously, that's a lot more stitching than I expected, but I think I'd like to put in a couple stitches here and there, give it another focus month or two next year, and hopefully have a finish in the not too far future! We'll see how that goes.


diamondc said...

Leonore: Oh my that is a bunch of stitches, you are past the halfway mark, you are amazing.
Love the WIP, very pretty.
The Loneliness Of Autumn is a beautiful design, it looks like you are nearing the end.
I prefer Christmas, the sounds, smells and getting together with family is truly a special day, we do not celebrate Halloween.


Carol said...

Your weather sounds a lot like ours--very warm for late October. And this weekend it's supposed to be in the 70s! Crazy--need to get my summer clothes out again. You made some wonderful progress--having that extra day surely helped. Hope your November is a good one, Leonore ♥

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Autumn is looking wonderful. It’s been pretty mild here too. Just as well with the price of electricity!
Great work on your tablecloth too.

Astrids dragon said...

You've made lovely progress on Autumn and the tablecloth already looks so sweet!