Sunday, 25 September 2022

September Gifted Gorgeousness

When I'm being ten days late for my favourite SAL (brainchild of my favourite Jo, concerning every thing gift and gifted) that usually means I've been sitting on some yarncraft finish and desperately been avoiding finish-finishing it. Which is at least true this month, but yesterday I finally kicked my butt, so now I got everything ready that I wanted to post - buckle in and let me show you!

First of all, there is Snuggle Up, the blanket I am making this year, and the yarn for which was a present for my birthday by a group of really lovely friends. This was originally released as a twelve part SAL, and I'm trying to work one part every month, which is getting exceedingly more difficult as the rounds are getting longer and longer! This month I was still able to finish part 7 though, which was just six rounds worth of crochet.

The yarn-thing I finished was, no surprise, the latest of my baby surprise jackets, for Felix' youngest relative:

I also made a start on a shawl for her big sister - a really colourful and cheery virus shawl for grey winter days! About halfway done with this one, so hopefully I can send them both off next month.

I also worked a little on some gifted stitching. Felix and I were spending a weekend at a cozy hotel and were using my tablet to watch some movies in the evening, so I needed a project that was both ready to grab and not relying on Pattern Keeper or Cross Stitch Saga, so I brought Things Unseen, which was a Christmas present from Felix a couple years ago, and I hadn't worked on it in ages, so it was fun getting back into it! I did about 1000 stitches over the weekend, which brought it here, adding the flowery vine and everything below, and hope to get back to it sooner this time!


Pamela said...

All lovely gift items. The little jacket is so cute!

Elfie said...

Gorgeous projects!

jocondine said...

Great work on the crochet cover, I remember with that kind of square pattern how the last rounds looked endless. I love that amazing jacket, I'm very curious about the way you made it, do you begin with the sleeves? The finish look is perfect, prima ! AmitiƩs. xxx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Love that cheerful cardigan and shawl for your little relatives.
The sampler is beautiful too.