Montag, 6. September 2021

Fans of the Far East - 6th Rotation

 After a couple of busy days and weeks, I finally managed to sit down for a good stitching session or three this weekend, and finished off the next ten hours on Fans of the Far East! Last time I showed this project, it was here:

This time, I went back to working on the left fan. Last time, it felt like progress on these flowers was quite slow, but this time I ploughed right through. Comparing the pictures, it's actually pretty amazing how much progress I made, wouldn't you agree?

For the next rotation, it's back to the border, seeing if I can hit that lower right corner. My current bet is I'll get close, but not quite make it - we'll see about that! There's some crochet on the agenda first, though.

5 Kommentare:

Pamela hat gesagt…

This is gorgeous!

diamondc hat gesagt…

Leonore: Very pretty design, nice progress.


Carol hat gesagt…

I can see a lot of progress in this pretty piece, Leonore! Well done :)

Sheryl hat gesagt…

Goodness, this is really very pretty, great work.

Margaret hat gesagt…

There’s a lot of work in this project. Do you ever count how many cross stitches there are? Many thousands I think.